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    Problems with Go to Portal Row



      Problems with Go to Portal Row


           I have a layout named "Jobs" .  On the layout are 5 tabs representing each type of job i.e. drilling, sub, expenses, lab, and time.  On Tab Sub, I have a portal.  The portal is not sorted. When a new record is created it goes to the last row.  I have a script trigger on a field "code" which does stuff, then comes back to the portal and goes to portal row last.  This works perfectly.

           On another tab, Expenses, I have another Tab wich has billable expenses on one tab and not billable expenses on the other tab.  On Billable Expenses Tab, ther is a portal.  I have the same set up on the portal as with subs, and the same script.

           On the expense portal, when i run the script trigger and tell it to go to portal row last, it goes to the first row.

           I changed the portal so that it is filtered by the primary key, descending order.  I changed the create new record script, I tell it to go to first row - this works great.  But when the script trigger runs, instead of going to the first record, it goes to the second record!

           I can't figure out what is going on.  The only difference between the sub portal and the expense portal is that the expense portal is in a tab.

           Any help would be greatly appreciated.


           Carolyn Haywood

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               I think I fixed this.  I put a commit records step in the script trigger script, even though this is not is the other scripts.  Any way it worked.


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                 If you have multiple portals on the same layout, make sure that the correct portal has the focus before you do a go to portal row. This step cannot specify which portal, so it either affects the first portal in your tab order or the portal that currently has the focus.

                 If you use the name box in the Inspector's position tab to give each portal a name, you can use go to object just before go to portal row to give the correct portal the focus.