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Problems with Go to Portal Row

Question asked by carolynhaywood on Jan 1, 2013
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Problems with Go to Portal Row


     I have a layout named "Jobs" .  On the layout are 5 tabs representing each type of job i.e. drilling, sub, expenses, lab, and time.  On Tab Sub, I have a portal.  The portal is not sorted. When a new record is created it goes to the last row.  I have a script trigger on a field "code" which does stuff, then comes back to the portal and goes to portal row last.  This works perfectly.

     On another tab, Expenses, I have another Tab wich has billable expenses on one tab and not billable expenses on the other tab.  On Billable Expenses Tab, ther is a portal.  I have the same set up on the portal as with subs, and the same script.

     On the expense portal, when i run the script trigger and tell it to go to portal row last, it goes to the first row.

     I changed the portal so that it is filtered by the primary key, descending order.  I changed the create new record script, I tell it to go to first row - this works great.  But when the script trigger runs, instead of going to the first record, it goes to the second record!

     I can't figure out what is going on.  The only difference between the sub portal and the expense portal is that the expense portal is in a tab.

     Any help would be greatly appreciated.


     Carolyn Haywood