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Problems with grouping in a report based on checkbox field

Question asked by lijnbach on May 13, 2015
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Problems with grouping in a report based on checkbox field


Hello everybody,


I have problems with “grouping” in a report. The grouping is based on a checkbox field.


I have a set of records with learning materials. (About 500 records). The records have a field named “Grade”, and this is a checkbox field. The reason a checkbox field is used, is because sometimes a learning material is used for more then one grade.


Some of the checkbox fields have e.g. the value:


Grade 2

Grade 3




Grade 6

Grade 7



Everything is working fine, selections and sorting is all working. Except I can’t get the grouping in reports working properly.


If I want a report grouped on “Grades” it should result in far more then 500 records. If I group the records by grade, some records should show up more then one time. In the first example a records should show up in the group “Grade 1”, but should also show up in the group “Grade 2”.


I know I can use a (slider) portal in a report to show the related records, but some Grades have over 50 related records, others only 10 or 15 and some none.


I also know I can solve it by using an extra table to connect the Grades and the learning materials instead of a checkbox field. But there are also over 1000 supporting learning materials related to the learning materials. This extra connecting table to connect the grades slows down the database dramatically.


Using FMA 13


Anyone a good idea?


Thanks in advance,


Hans Lijnbach