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    Problems with Instant Web Publishing



      Problems with Instant Web Publishing


      I have multiple databases that I have created and set up to be able to share over IWP, however, I am having some troubles.

      First of all, I started with just one database and was able to access it over the web via IWP just fine at first but whenever I close out of the database or out of FileMaker on the computer that it was created on then I cannot access it via the web any longer from the original computer or any others. I assume I am doing something wrong but I am unsure of what. The only thing I can think of as a possible source of the issue is that I don't have certain parameters of IP addresses or URL set up the right way? This may have nothing to do with it so any advice?

      Also, now that I have created multiple databases I would like those to be accessible via the same website and this is possible but again, only if I have the particular databases open in FileMaker on my computer.I need to know how to set up my databases so that certain ones can all be a part of one web site without needing to have the databases open on the host computer.

      I am using FileMaker Pro Advanced 11 on a Windows 7 operating system.



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          Sorry, but the hosted files must be open on the host computer. The Filemaker application or FileMaker server is responsible for hosting the files so that they are accessible over the web. If the file is not open on the computer via one of these applications, then they will not be accessible. This is also true for hosting the file so that it is accessible to Filemaker Pro and Filemaker Go clients.

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            Thank you, I just found that information in my manual but you stated it in a way that I better understand. That brings me to a few more questions. If I want to have more than one website, for instance, one for each database, that are on and open on the host computer is that possible? If I am editing a database on the host computer and someone accesses it via the web to view/edit, does the database get locked to either the host or the other user? Maybe it would be best to turn off web sharing while editing from the host computer but I would like to avoid this.


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              One copy of FileMaker can open multiple database files. So this it is possible for it to host more than one. There are limits however that may lead you into either acquiring a copy of FileMaker server advanced or contracting with a hosting service as FileMaker supports only 5 IWP connections at one time and this total will apply to all users accessing any one of these databases.

              It is indeed much safer not to make design changes to the database while it is being hosted either for FileMaker Client access or from web browsers. The changes you make can briefly lock other users out of entire tables.

              Another option is to take a copy of the databse to a different machine, modify it and then put it back up on the server. Using a data separation approach where all layouts, scripts, etc are in one file and the data tables in the other can make changes to the user interface much easier to deploy on this type of situation.