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Problems with IWP being inconsistent

Question asked by NebojsaGrbic on Nov 15, 2012
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Problems with IWP being inconsistent




     Im creating a product database for a client and am using IWP to publish my Filemaker database online. The problem I have is this. In FM when I search it will display only what I have searched for. Then I press "view all" and I can see all the posts again. However. In the browser. I search again and press view all again but this time it will jump to the post I searched for earlier and I cant see the posts behind it. I can see the ones in front though. It's like the previous posts have dissapeared somewhere. The only way to show the previous posts is to click back on the icon that looks like a folder in the upper left corner. I can see how this will be very confusing for customers.


     EX: I have 5 posts. Posts 1 and 2 are category A, 3-5 are category B. I search for category B and it shows posts 3-5. Then I press view all and the first post shown is post 3. I can see 4 and 5 but 1 and 2 have dissapeared. I have to click backwards to find the old posts again. What is this?