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Problems with iwp connection

Question asked by bagheraa on Oct 1, 2012
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Problems with iwp connection



     I don't know if this is a problem of FileMaker 11 pro or FileMaker 11 Pro Server Advance, because we are triyng to use both systems at the same time. I will explain.

     We have a client that wants to connect to our database, that is hosted internally on the enterprise only for private access. The company criteria is not to give full access to our data, so we thought we can use FileMaker 11 Pro ability to serve iwp web, hosted on a separate computer that has open a port to external internet connection.

     We then created a .fmp7 file on this machine. On this file we put fmnet net access to two files of our database pointing to our private server.

     On FileMaker Pro 11 the conection is right and we can see the data we have give access to. But when we move to a WebBrowser and connect to the ip given by FileMaker Pro iwp on the indicated port, on the fields appear a <File Missing> tag, and if we try to create a new reccord it gives the message "Database Not Open: Unable to process your request because the database "" is not open". It seems that it has lose the fmnet connection.

     Are we procedding right? Is it possible to do what we are triyng to do? Is there another possibility that works?

     Thanks in advance.