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    Problems with labels



      Problems with labels


      What I want to do is to search for certain records in one form, once I have the found set with say 25 records, I then want to switch to the Labels form and print labels.  The problem I have is once I switch the from to Labels, it loses the found set of 25 records.  Can anyone help.





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          It sounds like your form and labels layouts refer to different table occurrences in Layout Setup...


          Each table occurrence has its own current record, found set and sort order.


          Either modify your Form layout to refer to the same table occurrence, (A table occurrence is a box on the Relationships Graph in Manage | Database and is listed in the Show Records From drop down.) or perform the search on your labels layout instead of your form layout.


          Note that if you redirect your form layout to a different table occurrence, you will also have to redirect each field on the layout as well.

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            Let's assume this is your script:


            Your script:


            Go to layout Form (to do the find) in table address

            enter find mode pause

            ... enter your find request

            Perform find

            Go to layout label in table address

            print labels


            This would work without the problem described and retained the found set even though you changed layouts.


            Both forms would be created for the table address. Just do the layout change in the same script.


            I would guess you are do a manual find while looking at the form layout and switching to the label form made in a different table.