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    Problems with Layouts



      Problems with Layouts


      I'm a newbie to the Filemaker game. 


      1) I'm having a very basic problem with New Layout.  I'm using the assistant to set up a grouped data set and organizing data by month/date.  Once the assistant is finished I change the format of the data - reset font size etc. and slide fields horizontally to give me good looking spacing.  The final product looks as I would wish.  Problem is once I return to the format after having viewed some other format it 'sometimes' seems to have 'restructured' itself?  Data is no longer grouped etc.  I have had situations where I've saved and returned to the same format and it is fine - but then it will restructure when I revist it.  I have not been able to reproduce this effect consistently but it is very fustrating!!


      2)  On another very simple sorted set of data there is a large white space above the data in the Browse mode though nothing shows in the Layout mode?


      Any help would be surely appreciated.

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          1) Pay attention to the current sort order for the layout's underlying table. Your layout depends on a specific sort order inorder to provide you with the grouped records you expect to see. Any action that re-sorts the data, and this could happen on any layout that uses the same underlying table, may change the order and grouping of your records.


          2) Perhaps you have some blank records and a an ascending sort has grouped them all at the top of your found set. This would only be visible in browse not layout mode as you describe.