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Problems with Layouts

Question asked by IanH on Aug 22, 2009
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Problems with Layouts


I'm a newbie to the Filemaker game. 


1) I'm having a very basic problem with New Layout.  I'm using the assistant to set up a grouped data set and organizing data by month/date.  Once the assistant is finished I change the format of the data - reset font size etc. and slide fields horizontally to give me good looking spacing.  The final product looks as I would wish.  Problem is once I return to the format after having viewed some other format it 'sometimes' seems to have 'restructured' itself?  Data is no longer grouped etc.  I have had situations where I've saved and returned to the same format and it is fine - but then it will restructure when I revist it.  I have not been able to reproduce this effect consistently but it is very fustrating!!


2)  On another very simple sorted set of data there is a large white space above the data in the Browse mode though nothing shows in the Layout mode?


Any help would be surely appreciated.