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    Problems with Pop-up Menus



      Problems with Pop-up Menus


           Hi guys,

           I've been having an issue with a pop-up menu in my database (in FileMaker Pro 12, Windows 7) and was hoping someone here might be able to help.

           I have a field with it's control style set to "Pop-up menu". This menu is populated with data from a value list, which is using values from two fields: a serial number, and the name associated with that number, both from a related table. When clicked, the menu does it's job and shows all of the names from the related table for me to choose from. If I choose one, it's stores the serial number in the field and displays the associated name in the field box.

           Here's the issue: when I click the field, and the menu comes up, I can only scroll through the list using the arrow keys on my keyboard and the arrow buttons at the top and bottom of the list. Pressing a letter key on the keyboard doesn't scroll to data with that letter, and scrolling my mouse wheel doesn't do anything either. I know it should work, as I've seen it done on FM Pro 12 on Mac OS X, but for some reason it's not.

           I know I could use a drop down list for the field, and although I can then scroll through the list using letters or my mouse wheel, it stores AND displays the serial number in the field box, rather than storing the serial and displaying the associated name. This is fine by me, but very confusing for my coworker who will be the primary one using this table. So I'd like to use a pop-up menu, if only I can fix the scrolling issue.

           Any help you can offer is appreciated!

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               And are you using Mac or Windows? As far as I know, this does not work in Windows.

               Even a drop down list with this value list won't work the way you want though there is a way to hide the ID number and display the name field.

               You may find this demo file of interest:

               FileMaker 12 users: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/78737945/SimpleNameLookupDemo.fmp12
               Pre FileMaker 12 Users: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/78737945/SimpleNameLookupDemo.fp7


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                 I am using Windows. I may resort to just using a standard drop-down list, but I'll take a look at the file you shared and see if that'll work for me.

                 Thanks Phil!

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              So...I have this exact same problem. We've had an all Mac interface for the past 3 years and no issue on a popup menu selecting a vendor on a product by being able to both scroll the list and select to a section of the list by hitting a letter. We recently added a PC to the database and now they can not do this. So my questions are 2 fold:


              1) Is there a fix to this? Why would it not work the same on a PC as a Mac? We love the functionality and would prefer to keep it the same.


              2) If my only option is to write a script, can I get some help on this? I know how to make a new script and pull up the vendor layout, but I am a little confused how to now make that field be populated with a vendor from a list that is appearing in a 2nd window?

              The attached databases didn't quiet simulate for me how I get to where I need to go.

              Please and Thank You


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                Hi Ann,

                I've never been able to fix this issue on my PC, and haven't gotten around to making a script for it yet. My end solution was to just use a dropdown menu, but I tweaked the way the database was handling the relationship between the two tables, and that fixed my serial number issue.

                The primary reason it doesn't work the same on PC and Mac is because FileMaker is a Mac program that has been adapted to Windows. Although there may have been an updated that fixed this, or a new program version (FMP13) that may have fixed this, from what I know FMP12 still has the same issue on Windows, and it's going to stay that way unless it was fixed in an update.

                Sorry about that.

                - Jason

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                  Yeah it's been confirmed (on another forum) that FM13 still has this problem. Care to shed some light on how you made dropdowns work? Whatever I do I always see the ID # and not the company name.