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Problems with Portal display

Question asked by SEMJ on May 26, 2009
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Problems with Portal display


I have been having a problem with a portal that I can't work out how to fix. I have 2 separate FileMaker files. In my main file I have a table called "Patient" and in the main layout (also called "patient") I have I have a portal referencing the other file using the relationship "Logbook". Using this relationship the portal is populated with individual entries into the "Logbook" file. However each entry into the logbook file may contain multiple procedures referenced using a "CaseID" field. I want to populate my portal with procedures and related data. Using another relationship in the portal in my main file gives me the correct number of entries but I think that the references are not unique so there are errors in some of the data displayed in the portal.


I hope I have explained this fully. If anyone can help me or wants better explanation I would be grateful. I have a database diagram I can upload if I can work out how to do it.