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Problems with Portal with calculation fields

Question asked by PedroMarroquin on Oct 20, 2011
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Problems with Portal with calculation fields


I have a portal that links # or invoice, the date in which the invoice was created, the total of that invoice, so that fields are related (from another table..). And in the same portal I made calculation fields: Paid that is a normal field and then debt which is total-paid=debt and then a status which is also a calculation field in which if debt =0 "PAID" if debt is not zero "DEBT" and I put conditional formatting so if "PAID" COLOR GREEN, if "DEBT" color red. and it works fine when i have one invoice but when i have another invoice the calculation fields that are not related and they appear automatically but the second fields do the same as the first ones... I give you the snapshot for better explaining.... PLEASE HELP! or what can I do...