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Problems with Portals

Question asked by SamBeardsley on Apr 8, 2013
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Problems with Portals



     Table A is ‘Institutions’. BofA, TDAmeritrade, Teacher’s Credit Union, His Employer, Her Employer etc

     Fields are: Key, Name

     Table B is ‘Transactions’

     Fields are: Key, Date, Foreign Key (to Table A) for ‘debit’ institution, Foreign Key (again, to Table A) for ‘credit’ institutions, Amount (always a positive number)


     What I want:

     A layout that lets me scroll through the records of Table A (I can do this) but with a portal for each of the record that shows a basic double entry system i.e. When the layout is showing the ‘Credit Union’ institution the portal will show ledger entries with a credit column (possibly from His Employer) OR a debit column (possibly to BofA) and a balance column so I can check it against the credit union statement.


     I’m having a really hard time doing this.  I’ve tried using TOs and many to manys but it’s just not coming together for me.

     Any help will be appreciated.