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problems with portals vs lookup fields

Question asked by bgamborg on Aug 12, 2011
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problems with portals vs lookup fields



Newcomer to the Filemaker World:

Like some others here, I am trying to use the program to improved medical charting.

I have a database set up to maintain up to date lists of medication, surgery, immunization, etc..  I would like to use line entry rather than a text field separated by carriage returns.

Each of these fields uses linked databases ie: medication, linked by patient no and summarized as portals in the patient chart.

The problem is, during a patient encounter, I need to record to remain static on the date seen.  I have created a separate table using encounter number.

Using portals, these fields will change with subsequent visits.  I have tried using “lookup” and “merge” functions but they will import only the first line of the information in the related database.

Is there anyway the portal field can be “frozen” after creation in the encounter record, or is there anyway to use lookup to import a ist of  variables such as a medication list or list of allergies.

I can send a copy of the database file if this would help.