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    Problems with priviledge set using Filemaker 11 Pro



      Problems with priviledge set using Filemaker 11 Pro


      Hi all, I'm new in this forum and I'm using for the first time FM.

      I have 4 tables (User, Projects, Tasks & BusinessUnit) and two types of users (Admin & user). BU is in relation with Projects and with User. Projects is in relation with Tasks (a project is divided into tasks).

      One or more users are assignment to a BU and every BU has one or more projects assigned.

      A user can see only the project where he's assigned and I'm using, in Priviledge Set under Security section, "User::username=Get(AccountName)" in Project. In this way I can see only the projects where the user is the only assigned! But a project is divided into tasks and a user may have only one task per project (!).

      Anyone can help me? Possibly without scripts, only workin' in Security section.

      I'm sorry if my english is not so good.

      Thanks and have a nice day! 

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          You've got another problem to resolve first:

          I'm guessing you have this relationship:

          User>---BusinessUnit-----<Projects----<Tasks   (---< means one to many ---- means one to one)

          If so, I don't think User::username = Get ( AccountName ) will work to control access to Projects. If you have more than one user record linked to BusinessUnit, the link from Projects to businessUnit to User will match to the first User for that BusinessUnit and this may not be the user who logged in and this will then deny access to the user even if they are listed as part of this BusinessUnit.


          If John, Jim, and Janet are listed as members of the "Sales" business unit, this expression will not allow Jim and Janet access to the Sales projects, only John will have access, as he is the first user listed for this business unit.

          This method will only work if there is only one User record assigned to any given BusniessUnit record.