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Problems with QHD Display and FileMaker on Windows

Question asked by LeeMoreau on Mar 11, 2015
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Problems with QHD Display and FileMaker on Windows


I used to use Mac with Retina displays and had no issues but I just bought the Dell XPS 13 with the QHD display and I'm having lots of issues.  FileMaker seems to run in high DPI mode, but my databases are all messed up.  They only load maybe 1/4 of the screen, and I have to move my mouse all over to almost make the rest appear, almost like I'm using my mouse to refresh the display. I'll go back to the main layout and only 1 image will appear with all other buttons gone.  Moving the mouse over them makes them appear as they would if "Hovered" but move the mouse away and they are gone.  It's totally random, refresh the layout and it appears, go back and it is gone.  If I access it in WebDirect it's completely fine as it is on all other machines I use.  Some pages like right now our Main Menu is just completely blank showing "Welcome" which is probably 1 out of a total of 30 words on that page, no buttons appear, images, nothing.  If I go to another layout and back it appears for a moment then disappears.  Does FileMaker not support high DPI displays or something?