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Problems with relationships

Question asked by trouty on Dec 26, 2009
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Problems with relationships


Hi,  hopefully, someone has the answer to my problem.


Within 1 database, I have linked 3 tables with relationships as follows:


 table1::id*    =    table2::index          (table 2 is included in a table1 form as a portal)


 table2::policy no*    =    table3::policy no            (table3 is a single form)


I want my colleagues to enter data into a form holding solely table3 data, where they will be required to enter a policy number (which is a link field).

I will then go into the table2 portal (that's within the form containing table 1 data) and also enter the policy number at a later date, thus associating the data in table2 and table3.

My problem is that when data is entered into the form containing table3 data, this is creating records also in table2 and table1.  I've tried all combinations of "Allow creation of records in this table" in the "Edit Relationships" dialogue box to no avail.  I've recently moved over from Lotus Approach database, and this combination worked, so I'm baffled with Filemaker.


Any help would be much appreciated - this is the final piece of converting my database from Lotus Approach (thank god!) so any help very much appreciated.




(*id - is auto enter incrementing serial number field)

(the policy no's in both table2 and table3 don't have any unique or self-generating serial numbers)