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    Problems with runtime permissions..??



      Problems with runtime permissions..??


           I've got 2 different solutions I've built in FileMaker that I distribute via FileMaker runtime.  

           I've got an installer for Windows that places the runtime solution in C:\Program Files\SolutionName to follow standard software install practice on Windows.  

           On Mac, I've used PackageMaker in the past to create an installer (but I've had issues with it as of late so now I just provide a zip file for people) and I sometimes get the same problem, but sometimes not.  Seems to depend on the user's computer and whether or not they're signed in as an admin.

           Anyway, the problem is my runtime needs write/modify access to the solution directory in order to make changes like changing the user account password or anything else that may require such permissions.  This causes me to walk my customer through procedures to do that, and it just confuses many of them.

           I never had these issues prior to FM 11.  Ever since 11, though, and still in 12, I can't seem to get past this.

           Any information on how I could fix this issue would be greatly appreciated.  

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               It may be the "standard practice" but it's not a location for the  run time solution folder that works well. The runtime folder contains both the executable and the database file(s) it is designed to open. Putting this runtime folder in the program Files folder is like creating an MS Word file and then putting it in Program files alongside the MS Word Executable.

               I recommend that you specify a different location for the runtime solution folder.

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                 Well what about on the Mac?  It's happening there, too.  Should it not go in /Applications like everything else?  

                 The problem with installing outside the standard folder is that then every user has to install their own copy.  

                 Again, I  never had this problem prior to FM11, so there's gotta be something that changed or some way to make this work.  I still have old versions of my runtime that I made with FM10 that install to Program Files without any issues at all.

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                   I don't own a Mac, but would not be suprised to see a similar situation.

                   Simply installing the solution folder directly to the drive, outside of the program files folder should make it accessible to all users, but I agree that this doesn't necessarily make it easy for your users to find the correct file inside that folder to use to launch the application.

                   I would try installing a shortcut or alias to the executable from the solution folder into Program files or to the users' desktop folder as a way to make the solution easily accessible to each user. There's an "All Users" folder for that purpose on my Windows machine.

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                     I appreciate your feedback, and I'll play around with this, but I still think there's gotta be some way to make this work without that sort of a work-around.

                     Again, I never had this issue prior to FM11, and if you download one of my previous versions of my solution and install it to Program Files the permissions error does not happen. Worked just fine on both Windows and Mac.   It only happens on my versions created with FM11 or FM12.