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Problems with Setting up Accounts

Question asked by TSADesign on Jul 27, 2009
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Problems with Setting up Accounts & Privileges


I have set up a database that will be accessed via Instant Web Publishing by outside sales people. There are three layouts in the database, but only one will be accessible to the sales people. Of that layout there are approximately 20 fields, some of which will be able to viewed, some that won't be viewable. There is only one field that can be modified.


Somehow I have broken the ability to enter data into the modifiable field.  When attempting to enter data into this field I receive the same alert that I would receive if I tried to enter data into a field that was set up for view only. I have gone through the Accounts and Privilege Sets numerous times, but cannot find what I have done to prevent this field from being modified.


By the way, when I open the database in my admin role where all fields are accessible I can enter data into this field.


Your help is greatly appreciated.