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Problems with SVG objects in web viewer

Question asked by NZPatrick on Sep 21, 2011
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Problems with SVG objects in web viewer



We have a multilayered SVG booking grid in FM9/10 and in places 11v3 using the web viewer

In each scenario part or all of the grid goes black on Windows 7 machines. Safari on macs draws OK

We used to use Coogle Chrome frame until this started crashing recently so now solely rely on IE9, often fresh installs from Microsoft's web site. (Chrome had no problems rendering the SVG)

The panel shown in the image either goes black or even the entire backgound goes black, this is not consistent and we cannot replicate the behaviour on our in house Windows 7 machine. We have a large number of clients experiencing this problem, some crash out a few times a day and some once a day!

Has anyone else used SVG and experienced this problem or can offer guidance


Patrick Vallely

Skagerrak Software

Auckland NZ