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    Problems with viewing desktop layouts in webdirect



      Problems with viewing desktop layouts in webdirect


           I have created a solution for my client with desktop and Ipad layouts. They would like one of their suppliers to access the layouts via webdirect to view information. It is unlikely that they will ever input records via webdirect. I wanted to know the potential downsides of using the desktop layouts as the webdirect layouts. Would there be any negative consequences?

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               WebDirect is designed with the idea that you will most often be able to use the same layout for WebDirect and Desktop client access. There is no generally applicable draw back to doing so. But you will need to test your layouts on both Desktop and Web Browser clients (and in all Browsers) to look for possible interface design issues that may require "tweaking" in order to get best possible results for all potential clients of your database. Sometimes a "tweak" will require a script that detects whether the client is FileMaker Pro or a web client and does something different for each, and in worst cases, can require a completely different copy of the layout. But for read only access--something that can be controlled with access privileges, I doubt that you'll need separate layouts for your web clients.