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Problrmd with simple IF calc

Question asked by bango on Dec 9, 2009
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Problrmd with simple IF calc



I'm building a db of high school student assesment data.  I have a table with basic student biographical/contact data and a related table called "transcript" of all courses and grade each student has taken at our school.  Each record in the trascript table has a field (course_level) that describes if the course is 'standard' , 'honors', or 'AP'(advanced placement).


Here's my issue...

I'm trying to create a new field in my student bio table that says 'Yes" or "No" if a student has ever taken at least one honors level course.  I want to do the same for AP courses as well.  I'm currently using a simple 'If' calculation but running into problems.  Here it is...


If ( Transcript_09::course_lev  =  "H" ; "Yes" ; "No" )


I think it has to do with the one to many relationship between these 2 tables. 

I'd like for it to scan all courses the student has taken and insert a 'Yes' if a single 'H' appears.

My calculations are pretty rusty.  Any help is much appreciated.