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Procedure price + implant price sum

Question asked by Rainman on Aug 30, 2013
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Procedure price + implant price sum


     Hi, Can anyone help me with this one. I was trying to do it on diffrent ways but I can't sort it out.

     A want to choose a Procedure (defined earlier) from a drop down field and then automatically the price (defined earlier in GLOBAL or other filed) shows for the procedure in Price_Field 1

     then I want to choose implants from a drop down list and when i choose  implant - automatically price (defined earlier)  for this implant shows up

     and then i can sum it all together


Procedure 1Name_Procedure 1  Procedure1 PricePrice_Field 1 Implants for Procedure 1 Price Implants_Proc1_Price 

Procedure 2 Name_Procedure 2  Procedure1 Price Price_Field 2 Implants for Procedure 2 Price Implants_Proc1_Price 

Procedure 3 Name_Procedure 3  Procedure1 Price Price_Field 3 Implants for Procedure 3 Price Implants_Proc1_Price