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    Process pdf invoices to filemaker fields



      Process pdf invoices to filemaker fields


      I am processing alot of pdf invoices into filemaker fields. Would it be possible to create a script that searches for invoice numbers, due-dates, KID numbers and other information and put this into filemaker fields? Parse the pdf text based on predefined searches, and then cleanup the fields. I suppose it can be difficult to find patterns of text and then pickup the correct corresponding text. It is different languages, different layouts.

      Have anyone done this and could give me a possible roadmap to help me save time getting data out of the pdf files into my accounting system in filemaker? Now we click/drag the text from pdf documents manually into fields.

      I am looking forward to hear from you.


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          There is a plug in that will allow you to copy the text from the PDF into a field, but "different layouts, different languages" will make any attempt at parsing the text in that field difficult to impossible.

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            Ok thank you for your reply, I will try to find a way to at least get some info out from a textfield based on the content from the pdf, maybe based on the parser like the custom function from Hal Gumbert https://www.briandunning.com/cf/559. But yes, this is difficult. I will also look on the pluginScribe from 360works. I think it will  be some kind of 50% manually/auto solution. We do have some companies like Scandic Hotels that send us invoices in a very clean format, I think it is no problem to get 100% automatic on those invoices. If we can get automatic parsing on invoices with big volume, we could save alot of time. I hope we some day get invoices in another format like xml. Do you have some experience with getting data from other formats? I still find xml difficult...