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Process questions

Question asked by Kirk_1 on Aug 23, 2012
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Process questions


I can successfully get the correct information from my rate script.

Now that I'm on this side of the process i realize that i built a lot of movement with it. I carry 40 fields of data between 5 layouts and two files. I did as many calculations with in the script and assigned variables to limit this as much as possible.

I have two files to gather info from. I created the second file because there are 6 million records to search from.

This is the process:

    I gather info from the 1st file... seven fields with the possibility of 11

    Do a look up in the main file, that I have to duplicate at the end for different info

    Take it to the second file (the big one) and use that info to do look ups. After several finds I return to the main file          with 32 fields of data.

     Populate a layout in the main file with the 32 fields to do an additional search and a calculation from a found set.

    Do the second look-up mentioned above to retrieve that info

    Perform one to 5 calculations in a loop to set the final values.I have to do the final calculation to have the value to      set.

I use three separate scripts,  perform script call, written with in each file, to go back and forth between the files to get the final numbers.


Here are my thoughts and questions in red:

    On the first loop I can get all of the information but ill have to either do global variables or take more info with me       back and forth. What is the cleanest way to do this?

    Now that i know that it works and have a complete idea of what it takes to get the final results... do I create more              calculations while I'm in the second file and not bring that much data back? Does it matter?

    Where does this have the potential to break down?

    Any suggestions on making it cleaner?

There is a possibility of having to do this process up to 5 times to get the final numbers. Do i try to collect all of the info all at once or do the loop 5 times?