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    Product Catalog



      Product Catalog




      I am trying to figure out the best route to setup products that share information...

      Currently I have 3 fields, Product, Colorway and Features.


      If I create a new product called:


      Product: Wrench

      Colorway: Blue/Red

      Features: Very cool wrench


      Now I create a new product called:


      Product: Wrench

      Colorway: Black/Green

      Features: Auto populate from previous? (also ability to change on any color way and populate)


      Thanks in advance!

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          If you wrote this data down on 3x5 note cards--one product to a card, how would you tell, just from what you wrote on the cards, which note card serves as the "previous" card?

          My point here is that you need some item of data in your product record to use for that purpose. Maybe you wan this data to be in common for all "wrench" products or maybe you need some sort of "Category" or "ProductLine" field that identifies the groups of records that will share the same data in "features"....

          Either way, you'd set up a related table with one record for each Category that all the products that are a member of that category would reference for their Features data.