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    Product Catalog Starter - Thumbnail modifications



      Product Catalog Starter - Thumbnail modifications


      I'm using the Product Catalog starter and I need more flexibility in the search options (name, mfg,Date)  I have about 50 categories where the user can select multiple items with a checkbox.  I need to display thumbnails for all the categories selected. Can anyone help me?

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          What will the user do with this list of thumbnails once they've selected the categories?

          If you create this self join relationship:

          Product Catalog::gCategories = Product Catalog by Category::Category

          a Portal to Product Catalog by Category will list all the records that have a category matching one of the categories selected in the checkbox group formatted gCategories field.

          gCategories would be a text field that you would likely want to specify global storage. (That's why I added g to the begiining of the file nmae)

          You create "Product catalog By Category" by selecting Product Category in Manage | Database | Relationships, clicking the button with two green plus signs, then double click Product Category 2 to bring up a dialog where you can rename it.