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Question asked by JamesMason on May 22, 2013
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Product Evaluation Help


     I could use some direction to help me quickly evaluate whether or not FileMaker is the right product for my needs.  I've had experience with MS Access and I am looking for capabilities that I employed on that platform -- but FileMaker's frame of reference seems very different.  

          Would someone please let me know if the following capabilities are possible and direct me to the appropriate syntax or links within the help system.  I assume this is simple enough and do not need step by step direction  -- If you can point me in the right direction hopefully I can  execute it myself.  
The overall caveats are: (1) I am not a SQL programmer and am used to implementing this type of functionality using only the GUI (2) I am interested in tabular & graphic views of datasets -- not individual records viewed in a form.  What I need is the following
  •                An ability to create many queries or views from a set of tables 
  •           To create a cross-tab or pivot table style view of a dataset with summary level analysis
There is also functionality that I have not done in MS Access
  •           Regression analysis
  •           Rext mining within text blocks exceeding 255 Characters
     If anyone can steer me in the right direction I would seriously appreciate it
     Thank you