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Product list.... with different pricetabel

Question asked by jurgenknockaert on Apr 27, 2013
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Product list.... with different pricetabel


     Hello, My first time here and i could use your help.

     I have a productlist with al the normal information. the thing is that for example product A is available from different importers.

     They are all different from price. is their a way that i can have a manualy imput in each product from the names of the importers, the price and date, like a little excel file.

     The list should always put the last one on top.


     Pury      12.50€       12/02/2013

     relax      11.90€       11/03/2013

     mind     10.70€       07/03/2013    

     This list is for 10 different importers .


     Thank you for the help.