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    Product must paid?



      Product must paid?


      Hello, I have 3 tables, Customer----< invoice----< Item_pay >----Product


      Customer::Customer_PK ----< Invoice::Customer_FK

      Invoice::Inv_PK ----< Item_pay::invoice_FK

      Product::Prod_PK ----< Item_pay::Product_FK

      Customers can purchase several times on different bills.

      I can know the number of bills he paid during the year.  I want to know for each Client what products he buy more.

      How can i do this? Please any help is welcome!

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          Use a layout based on the Item_pay table. You can perform a find for a specific customer on this layout or sort your records by Customer (if you want a report for multiple customers).

          Summary fields defined in Item_Pay can compute the total paid for each Product_FK value if you put them in a sub summary layout part "when sorted by" Product_FK. You can include the individual item_pay entries or just the subtotals depending on whether or not you include a body layout part.

          See this tutorial for more details: Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial

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