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    Product Number MisMatch



      Product Number MisMatch


      I have created an inventory database for my forms and clothing wear. I have set up a part ID and Product ID fields that have the same entry for each specific product listed in each field. I have a bluetooth scanner that I would like to scan the barcode and have it enter the product ID in the system. I have it set-up and it is working for 90% of the barcodes. My issues is when I scan the barcode it appears correct in the Part ID but shows a totally different Product ID, so the description, price, etc is not correct. Any suggestions. 

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          Have included a screenshot of the issue I am experiencing, I select the Product ID field and then scan the barcode with Barcode reader, it then adjusts to QTY then when I press enter it goes back to Product ID ready to scan next barcode. I have checked the Product listing itself and both Part ID and Product ID are the same but unique to each product.

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            Bit hard to suggest much when we don't know how your system is set up.

            Is it the scanned barcode data that is wrong or the ID that it then is supposed to look up?

            Exactly what happens immediately after scanning the barcode? Do you use a relationship to match to a record? Perform a find? or ???

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              When I scan the barcode the correct barcode shows up in Product ID, and then updates the Product Name, Part Number, Price. 


              The field then advances to QTY where I enter the qty, I then press enter and the Product ID box is selected on next line item ready for scan. 

              80% of the barcodes work like they should for example the first two line items above.

              When I scan the bottom 4 barcodes, the Product ID shows up correctly but the Part Number is wrong, therefore putting the wrong Part Name, Price into line item.


              When, I look at the individual products that are having the issues both the Product ID and Part Number are the same which is why I am not sure what is going on. 


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                Have uploaded picture of Relationships

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                  Fields set-up on Line Items.

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                    So on line 3 above, the bar code reader enters "187ECCFO" and then the rest of the data in that row is looked up by one method or another from your databaes. 187ECCFO is correct but 187EADHC is incorrect? Is the data in the other fields of that row a correct match for the product ID or the part number?

                    It looks like the relationship used to look up this data (or do you use a script?) has a problem. You'll need to look at match field data types and values in your tables to see if you can spot the issue.

                    If this is a script, field data types could still be the issue, but you also may have a problem with the script.


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                      I see that we are posting simultaneously. Clearly you are using a looked up value field option for this.

                      I would go to a layout based on related products (or products if these are the same table) and perform a find for one of the problem product ID's and see if more than one product is found. You may have records with duplicate IDs.

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                        When 187ECCFO is scanned then 187ECCFO should appear in the Part Number on Line 3 above. 

                        What is happening is when 187ECCFO is scanned 187EADHC shows up and that is what the Product Name, Price is based off of is the Part Number entry. I am not using a script that I am aware of.

                        You mentioned match field data types. Is that to set each type as the same? Could, I create a copy of the Product ID and re-name it Part ID. I technically don't need the part id since it is the same as the Product ID, but when I removed the Part ID from Fields there was not change in end result. 

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                          All of my products and part id's are all set-up the same 80% work as expected. I am not sure why the others' aren't. I have checked and do not see any duplicate products listed with same product or part id. Since the fields are set-up and 80% percent work why would I be having an issue with only some of them and not all. I have verified that the number being read by barcode is correct Product ID by scanning into word pad with scanner. 

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                            Why would the product an part number be the same? Your relationships graph shows two separate fields. If they should be the same, why do you need both fields in the first place?

                            I suspect that if you perform the find that I suggested earlier, you will a record where the PART ID = 187ECCFO , the Part number field is 187EADHC.

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                              That is what I suspected as well but when I check all of the products they have the same product and part ID. I have included a few screenshots below. 

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                                /files/12775c5044/Screen_Shot_2015-01-30_at_3.59.28_PM.png 921x522
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