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    Product Pricing



      Product Pricing


      using the standard Invoicer template and products , we have in the products price 1, price 2 , price3 . When we fill in the line item portal unit price we need to see the 3 prices and then choose the one we want. How is the best way to achieve this .

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          A few ways.  One way would be to have a table of prices related to products.  You could put a dropdown (or pop-up) and have the value list based on these prices.

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            Thanks for your thoughts , you say there are several ways to do this , I will try this method and let you no.thanks again les

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              Hi , I'm clearly not doing this right I cannot get it to function as I need it.  I created in products 5 fields named price1 price2, price3 so on also another field DiscountedSellPrice being a choice from price1 or 2 or 3 so on how do I get it show a drop down list showing the price options ??? 


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                With a table of prices, you would have one record for each price not different fields for each price. There are ways to get that to work, but it would make your drop down list of actual prices problematic where a table of prices in separate records would make this very simple. (But if you work from a set of fields in the same record, a value list with values like: "tier1 price" ; "tier2 price" ; .. etc could be set up so that you could select a field and an auto-enter calculation can be used to select which field to use in computing the line item cost for that product.