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Product Pricing Calculations

Question asked by AndrewOlson on Aug 9, 2012
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Product Pricing Calculations


Hello, this is what I’m trying to achieve…


We are a window cleaning company, basically what I’m trying to do is automatically generate what a customer’s cleaning price would be to clean all their windows based on if the house is a 1 level or a 2 level, depending on how many windows, depending on where they are located (to cover gas prices)..


I have created what I’m trying to do in excel, but I’m unable to get it to work in FileMaker (Different formula language)


What I want to do is start with a base price.. say $25.00… then, for each window add say $2.00 (if it’s a 1 level) or add $2.50 (if it’s a 2 level…


Then, depending on what city/zip they are located at, it would add some trip fee… so say, customer lives 30 miles away, then it would add another $8.00 or if they lived 60 miles away, it would add $35.00 ect…


I have an Excel sheet I can send you with the same information, can anyone help?