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    Product Pricing Calculations



      Product Pricing Calculations


      Hello, this is what I’m trying to achieve…


      We are a window cleaning company, basically what I’m trying to do is automatically generate what a customer’s cleaning price would be to clean all their windows based on if the house is a 1 level or a 2 level, depending on how many windows, depending on where they are located (to cover gas prices)..


      I have created what I’m trying to do in excel, but I’m unable to get it to work in FileMaker (Different formula language)


      What I want to do is start with a base price.. say $25.00… then, for each window add say $2.00 (if it’s a 1 level) or add $2.50 (if it’s a 2 level…


      Then, depending on what city/zip they are located at, it would add some trip fee… so say, customer lives 30 miles away, then it would add another $8.00 or if they lived 60 miles away, it would add $35.00 ect…


      I have an Excel sheet I can send you with the same information, can anyone help?

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          For starters, take a look at this demo file for creating and printing Invoices: http://fmforums.com/forum/showpost.php?post/309136/

          Each product or service you deliver can be a record in the Products table with an assigned price. You can also leave the price blank and fill it in manually when you add it to your invoice.

          One record in your products table could be "base price" with your $25.00 fee. The next record could be "1 level window" with $2.00, A third can be "2 level" with $2.50 as the price. You can also add a trip fee with  a price based on one mile of travel or you can leave the fee amount blank or you can add a field to your invoice table for the trip fee.

          So if you have  2 level house, with 5 ground floor windows and 6 second floor windows, you might add 3 records to the portal. The number of windows would be your quantity.