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product/licensing question (I think)

Question asked by sarat. on Sep 28, 2010
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product/licensing question (I think)


I have 1 user who will be creating FMpro databases (ie, creating tables, forms, reports) and doing most of the data entry. She is in location A.

I have 5 other users at location B who will need to see this data and one of them would ideally be able to do data entry/editing. 

These two locations have a VPN connection (which is slow). My questions are:

1. what licensing would I need if we used the VPN for location B people to access the databases over the network? Is this a bad idea if the connection is slow?

2. what licensing/products would I need to have the location A person publish the databases to our webserver (hosted at location B but accessible to location A via ftp or ssh)?  And how would that work when the data online is updated? Does it keep a connection so her current database is updated?

I'd be very grateful for any advice on the best way to design this.  thank you!