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Production Calculation

Question asked by EricBrown_1 on Oct 24, 2014
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Production Calculation


Here's my puzzle: Given 3 products and their known sales ratio, calculate the required production quantity to balance the inventory to match the sales ratio?


Product A (comes in 3 qty)

Size              Sales Ratio    Inventory (Units)

size 7oz         15 %              20

size 18oz        55%              30

size 72oz        30%              25

Manufacturer makes 1000 oz of new product a and wants to determine how much to assign to each size to bring his new inventory to match sales percentages. 

My formula: x =  ( volume ratio ( inventory volume + volume produced ) - inventory volume ) / container size

works when all sizes need to be produced, but does not work if there's an excess of one or more sizes and the formula results in a negative for that(those) sizes. This leads to an amount being applied to the positive values that exceeds the produced volume qty. I need to account for the negative(s) and factor into all sizes.