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    Proffesionally completing the database



      Proffesionally completing the database


      Hey. I just completed my database everything works smoothly an now i want to install it on other computers and macs which doesnt have filemaker installed. Can a complete filemaker 10 database files be run with other softwares?  I want to make it as cost and time effective as possible.


      Can the filemaker CD be customized to install my database file automaticly and make etc a shortcut on the desktop?`


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          Hello Gunnar,


          If you have FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced version, then you can make a "Runtime Solution" (that is a stand-alone application of your database files).  This can be installed from a CD and be started from a shortcut on the desktop.  You must build separate Runtimes for PC and Mac using the same database files.


          Otherwise, each computer that you want to use must have a FileMaker Pro license and FileMaker software installed.