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    Profit and loss, income and expense tracking



      Profit and loss, income and expense tracking


      How does one do this?  I do not see an area for recording business expenses and how does FM track income for P?L?

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          FileMaker is not set up as an 'out of the box' source of business solutions. It is a tool for creating your own. You'd either create your own tables, relationships, scripts that do this or acquire a FileMaker solution that does this from someone else.

          The "starter solutions" released with FileMaker are just that. They are example files to show you how certain typical projects might be dealt with using FileMaker Pro. You can use them to learn more about how such things are done or you can adapt them to your own needs. But if you can't find a starter solution for what you want, then you either create your own or get a solution file from someone that has already created one that will do what you need. You can find links for solutions and consultants at the top of this screen.