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Program exits when trying find a range of date.

Question asked by ip on Sep 1, 2009
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Program exits when trying find a range of date.


I am using Filemaker pro 8 advanced, windows xp sp3.

Finding fields other than date filed does not give any problem. However, when date field is used to try to find out a range for example, 2008-01-01..2008-03-01, an error message pops up, which reads "Microsoft visual C++ Runtime Libraray: Runtime Error! Program: ...aker\filemaker Pro 8 Advanced\Filemaker Pro Advanced.exe.  This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's supporte team for more information." and FMPro quits consistently. The date fields are can still arrange dates in ascending and descending order without any strange numbers or characters. When I try to make a clone copy, it say The file is damaged. When I try to Recover it, it fails. However, the file is opened well with FMPro 8 Advanced and is working normally apparently in every layouts and takes inputs and calculates correctely. Strangely, it fails to open in FMPro 10 trial version, when try to Recover, it say File access privillage is damaged or tempered. But in FMPro 8 Advanced, the file opens well and all the access privillages are shown and I can edit it without any problem. In summary, the only problem in FMPro 8 advanced is failure to find a range of date and cannot save as a clone copy. Need a help, please!!!