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Program won´t open after webpublishing

Question asked by CamillaHarrysson on Oct 3, 2010
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Program won´t open after webpublishing


Hi - I´m desperate - after publishing one of my databases on the web i can no longer use my FileMaker pro 10 advanced for opening ANY file att all.

Every time I try it tells me it can´t publish on the web because there is a conflict of port adress and I get the oppertunity to change port. After that the program shuts down regardless of chosen port and with no possibility for me to disconnect the webpublishing funktion or do anything else. I have reinstalld the program and removed the file with webpublishing but nothing works. Tried to remove some folders and files from the programs folder that seemed to relate to webpublishing - still no change.

I need to use the databases for my work and is now desperate as I said. I have no clue what to do next! 

Greateful for your help!