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Programatically omit records

Question asked by chowse on Mar 12, 2009
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Programatically omit records



Just joined the forum, and this is my first post.

In a script, I need a way to omit "the rest" of the records.


So far I have:

Enter Browse Mode

Show All Records

Go To Record/Request/Page (First)

Sort Records (Restore; No Dialog)

Go To Record/Request/Page (No Dialog; 11)


Now I need to omit all the rest of the records, starting with the current record.

Can anyone tell me the elegant way to do that? 



Actually, I think I've solved this.  

The next step I used is: Show Custom Dialog("Number of records in table:"; Get(TotalRecordCount)

Then: Omit Multiple Records (Get(TotalRecordCount) - 10)

That leaves a recordset with only the 10 records I'm looking for!!

Yeaaa Me!

Still interested in any comments. 





FM Pro 9 Advanced, Mac OS X