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Programmatic Layouts

Question asked by tomacsh on Sep 2, 2009
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Programmatic Layouts


I doubt this is possibly or if there is a plug-in that provides this functionality in FMP 10A but I'm hoping. I need to be able to use data from a database which would store field positions to programmatically change the position of fields in a layout. The database would have the field name, its distance from the top of the page and distance from the left of the page (similar info is found in the Object Info pane when in layout mode). the database with the fields to be laid out would read the data from the first database and place each matching field on a layout based of the measurements. Additional info in the first database would be Database File name and layout name as well as possible field width. ability of dynamically change font, font size, and style would be good. is there anything that does this. This is needed so my end user can modify their printouts without needing to know how to program, also reduces cost to them as they would not have to purchase the full FMP 10A, they'd just pay for my programming services.