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Programs in Filemaker and SAS

Question asked by NIcholasBirkett on Mar 2, 2014
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Programs in Filemaker and SAS


     I come from a very old style database program in which all of the tasks were performed using lines of code.  I also use SAS for statistical analysis, another code based program.  So, two questions:

  1.           Can you write programs (code) in Filemaker?  For example, could I write and run a text file with code instructions to define my database?
  3.           My current database has the ability to write out SAS code which can be used to read in the data.  I know that Filemaker offers ODBC and other data access methods.  But, if I wanted to create a SAS code file instead from my Filemaker dataabse, is there a way to get Filemaker to output text files with code lines?  If so, I could write a program (?report) in Filemaker to create the SAS code I need?

     Not sure if this makes sense.  i know it is old school.  But, I have 20 years of research databases in my old database and am trying to find a way to transition from that database to something new without throwing away more work than I need to.  I also need to be able to document  my database changes which is much better done with code than menu clicking.