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    Progressive decay: passwords



      Progressive decay: passwords



           I started using FMPro in 1988, when it was Mac only and was a simple hierarchical database on my trusty monochrome SE.  As I developed my skills, so too did FMPro become more sophisticated as we both went in to relational mode and burst in to color.  by 1993, I had built an awesome database that provided a platform for me to accrete historical data as I went forward.  The database has a much richer datamodel than any I have seen for its genre before or since.  It took me to my personal limit or at least as far as I felt I needed to apply effort for the product I needed (geneaology).  In effect, then, FMPro continued to develop (went over to the darkside - Windows), I didn't.  The last time I was able to get working with FMPro was version 7.  Even then there were issues with not being able to read passwords but I eventually managed to unlock my core database and suffered some clunky links but that was okay because I just wanted to have access to the data (relationally).  Now I have a new iMac and decided to go for FMP12 - and the passwords have re-appeared even though I got rid of them in FM7 - so I am stuck.  How can I convert to FMP12 now that it seems unable to accept that the passwords have been disabled?

           Many thanks for your comments in lieu!



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               Have you tried admin with a blank password?

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                 Thanks for the rapid response Chamblee...  I confess, I am not quite sure what you mean by Admin - the Mac admin or is there some FMP12 admin I should be able to access?  Your suggestion prompted me to check the I/O status of the document, which indeed was read only, so I unlocked that using the Mac Admin but it still prompts me to use the admin password when I try to open it, which it ignores :-(

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                   Passwords in FileMaker are now two part passwords, and account name and a password. If no password has been defined by the user, the default account name and password is an account name of "admin" and nothing entered for a password. If, in File options, the option to auto enter "admin" with no password has been cleared, then you will get a password dialog, but you can get past it by entering admin for the account name and leaving the password box empty.

                   Then you can go to File options to fix this setting so that you are not asked for a password in the future.

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                     Thanks Phil - assuming I read this corrrectly, I am having no joy:

                     When I try to open the file, I get asked for my root password for my Mac, which doesn't work.  So I tried your workaround, which was to enter "admin" under account name and leave the password blank - de nada!  You mention File option - I don't have any options in the dropdown under file (probably misreading the suggestion).  I am beginning to suspect that there is something wrong on my Mac rather than FileMaker here.  I have noticed that since buying this, there have been some odd behaviours around permission settings.  For instance my trash asks me if I want to trash and then erases what I put in it when i drag it over, which is odd.  Also, many files seem to be read only.  Maybe nothing - but it may also be my problem...  I will dig deeper...

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                       Okay guys - my worst fears are confirmed - I check the read/write; they are clean.  There are 7 tables for this database (I can convert 5 of them no problem), two of which used to be password protected about 15 years ago.  I removed that password protection in FMP7 because I was getting issues with it - but FMP12 (cleverly or annoyingly) is asking me for a my admin password for these 2 tables only, which I supply and it ignores.  Something has gone astray in FMPro over passwords and I can't seem to unlock it.  Does anyone know of a sustainable way around these legacy password issues, because I vaguely recall it was a problem in FMP7 but I managed to find a temporary fix?frown

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                         File Options will not be available until you can successfully open the file.

                         Can you open your unconverted files with an older version of FileMaker?

                         I don't know what you mean for sure when you say: "When I try to open the file, I get asked for my root password for my Mac,"

                         FileMaker cannot and will not ask you for any such password. I would guess that you see your current user name entered as the account name in the password dialog. This is a standard default setting, but it is NOT asking you for the root password for your mac.

                         Is there any chance that you had Keychain set up to automatically open your file with a password? That would explain why you are now asked for a password with the new version when you weren't with the unconverted copy.

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                           Phil - you cracked it.  I have never used keychains before because i don't trust my own memory to pick up passwords if the keychain ever failed.  That could be an anachronistic view but it is a discipline I try to maintain.  Having said that, I have just opened access to my keychains for the first time ever and saw a whole slew of them, and nesting in there was the database in question!  I found the username and password, applied it and it works!  resurrected at last; many thanks Phil.  I am now free to commit all sorts of crimes against good sense on FMPro! smiley