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Progressive decay: passwords

Question asked by GaelOfters on Jun 14, 2013
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Progressive decay: passwords



     I started using FMPro in 1988, when it was Mac only and was a simple hierarchical database on my trusty monochrome SE.  As I developed my skills, so too did FMPro become more sophisticated as we both went in to relational mode and burst in to color.  by 1993, I had built an awesome database that provided a platform for me to accrete historical data as I went forward.  The database has a much richer datamodel than any I have seen for its genre before or since.  It took me to my personal limit or at least as far as I felt I needed to apply effort for the product I needed (geneaology).  In effect, then, FMPro continued to develop (went over to the darkside - Windows), I didn't.  The last time I was able to get working with FMPro was version 7.  Even then there were issues with not being able to read passwords but I eventually managed to unlock my core database and suffered some clunky links but that was okay because I just wanted to have access to the data (relationally).  Now I have a new iMac and decided to go for FMP12 - and the passwords have re-appeared even though I got rid of them in FM7 - so I am stuck.  How can I convert to FMP12 now that it seems unable to accept that the passwords have been disabled?

     Many thanks for your comments in lieu!