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Prohibiting Modification of a Value List

Question asked by obidon on Dec 5, 2012
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Prohibiting Modification of a Value List


     I have a simple value list with 2 items. This should be accessed by a popup menu to ensure my interface design remains consistant. 

     I have a scenario where I want to prohibit modifcation of this field if a condition exists. 

     My current work -around uses a standard field and a trigger script which evaluates the presence of the condition on object modify. A dialogue box is presented and if the condition exists, the script exits with no changes.

     If the condition does not exist an additional dialogue presents the user with two choices and I utilise the set field function.  This works well and achives the result.  But as I said, I want to maintain the popup menu design philosophy.

     Will I need to set a variable $$existing_value on object enter and apply this variable on object exit?  or is there a more efficient way of working?