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Project help - Question about relationships

Question asked by mdphillips on Feb 8, 2015


Project help - Question about relationships


Sorry for the noob question.  I'm trying to create a solution to track training for a group I belong to.  We use position task books (PTBs) to record training that will eventually lead to certification for a position.  PTBs are a list of criteria that a team member must be proficient at before they are certified.  There are multiple PTBs (approx 12) in our system and a member's PTB must be evaluated multiple times to become certified for a given position. A team member can be working on multiple PTBs at any given time and conversely multiple team members can be working on the same PTB at the same time - i.e. 5 different people can be working to be certified in the same position.  As I wrote it out on paper:

1 member can have many PTBs - 1 PTB can have have many members working on it (individually) - 1 member's PTB(s) will be evaluated many times

I believe I have the member to PBT relationship working correctly.  I.m getting messed up when a member has more than 1 PTB that have each been evaluated multiple times.  I'm thinking a join list but am not sure it that will correct the problem or how to go about it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - here are my relationships so far: