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Project Report Help - new to FileMaker

Question asked by Sep on Apr 16, 2015


Project Report Help - new to FileMaker


Hi there,

I was hoping I could get some basic answers regarding relationships. I have input projects and tasks into the Projects StarterSolution for our upcoming events. I can generate a Project Report in each specific project that is suitable to use as WIP reports that are circulated to the relevant personnel on each event but there are 2 problems:

1. In each project report I generate in the field for personnel assigned to each task, there is only one contact that is shown, any more and I am given a [+1], [+2], etc…

Is there a way to change this so that more than one name is shown in this field?

I have tried editing the field in layout mode (marked Verbose Personnel Number) but cannot make sense of the relationship.

2. Although these project reports are suitable for WIP use on a case by case basis, I would like to have a consolidated report with all the same information, but one that consolidates all of the projects in the file and not just the specific one I am looking at.

All of the information the report provides is fine I just want 1 big report with all the projects. Is this possible?

After speaking to customer support I was told that I may need to create a new layout from scratch to do this but

I am relatively new to Filemaker and don't know how to go about this exactly.


(I uploaded a screenshot that shows in edit mode what it is I'm talking about)

(P.S. the list layout project report does not provide enough information)


I appreciate any help on this topic.