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Project With Summary Field

Question asked by AimenYounus on Apr 17, 2013
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Project With Summary Field



     I am suing Filemakerpro 12 advanced.I am facing a problem with summary filed.


     I am creating a database of comapnies A,B,C,D ,E which are under a big firm called F.Comapnies A have multiple equipments.I create a summary of all the equipments in the comapnies respectively.As u must know tht summary field is not just one box but a table.For this reason ,i have saved all the sumamry fields in another layout,so as to get single garnd total  :

     Comapny: Value  for Week 1






     Comapny F just wants to view the grand total of all the companies i.e A,B,C ,D,E every week.The summary changes wrt equipments.When i change the prices of equipments,on the entry form the summary does changes on that layout.


     The problem tht i am facing is this that now i want to create grand total of comapnies wrt their equipment country of origin.For this i created another layout and made a relationship with the main filed:The user enter the company name,name of equipment and its country of origin ,through portal records it shows all the equipment and its prices.

     The problem is that i have only one entry form i.e for companies and ist equipment.I want both the layout to work automatically i.e "without equipments origin" and "with equipment origin" .The layout for company F has fields:

     Company : Equipment:Origin:Price

     A:bolts:Austarlia :123975


     and so on.

     There is only one entry form.and the summary changes with that respect in both layout.The above fields summary change only when i go to layout  and run the there any ways to get automatci changing in summary without going into the layout and create new running summary?