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    Projected Calculation Question



      Projected Calculation Question



      I have 2 unrelated tables with calculation fields. These fields are displayed on a layout. Is there a way to perform a calculation either on the layout or in one of the tables or some other way. One calculation field is 'projected costs' the other is 'actual costs' and I want a field that displays the remainder value.



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          if they are unrelated fields how  did you get them to display accurately on the layout.


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            Sorry my mistake.

            I have 2 related tables (Projected Costs and Tasks) displaying 2 different calculation fields.

            At the moment they both give a accurate sum of the projected costs (Projected_Sum) and actual costs (Tasks_Sums). When I try to take them away 

            ie Projected_Sum - Tasks_Sums = value

            I get the Projected_Sum - the 1st record in Tasks_Sums list

            not what I want

            My formula is

            Table: Projected Costs

            field: Remainder

            Type: Calculation

            Options: Unstored, = Projected_Sum - Tasks::Tasks_Sums

            Any ideas



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              "I get the Projected_Sum - the 1st record in Tasks_Sums list"

              It sounds then like Projected_Sum has more than one related Tasks_Sums record?  If so then you need to sum Tasks_Sums instead, something like:

              Projected_Sum - Sum ( Tasks_Sums)

              However, all this 'summing' suggests something isn't quite right in your structure.  Your tables should be simple data tables and not named 'sum'.  If you wish to discuss and consider whether your structure should be tweaked then I suggest you post again (in another thread) explaining your relationships and what the tables contain so that others can take a look at it.