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projects and contacts - unrelated table setup

Question asked by areal on Oct 29, 2014
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projects and contacts - unrelated table setup


I am using a project management setup, with the table Projects and the table Contacts, connect by the table project_contact. This is a many-to-many relationship, so a contact can have several projects and visa versa.


I'm making a layout that has a list of all contacts, not just the related ones, to the left. I've managed this by duplicating the table occurence and making a X-relationships to the other contacts table. While this duplicated table occurence (Contacts_list) sits to the left of the layout, to the right is the normal - single record - Contact file. When you click on one of the contacts on the left (go to related record) -> the record is loaded to the right. This works so far so good.

Project filter

I'm pretty stuck at the next phase, however. What I want to do next is put a value list of all project on the left on the interface, just below the list. What I want to do is when I choose a project from the list, the Contacts_list is then filtered by whether or not that contact is connected to that project. 

Because the Contacts_list is not related to anything, I cannot seem to get the related project(s).


I hope this is clear enough? If you have additional questions please ask :). Thanks in advance!