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Proper ( FieldName ) a few steps further

Question asked by Annette on Oct 31, 2013
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Proper ( FieldName ) a few steps further



     I have been making use of the Trim(Proper ( Field Name)) calculation for fields but I was wondering if there was a way to take it one step further.  With that calculation as is it takes, say a last name and capitalizes it, which is great but there are some scenarios where it's not correct, for example

     1)  Names beginning with Mc - the third letter needs to be calculated as well.  e.g.  McMahon, McNamara

     2)  Names with a '  - the letter after the ' needs to be capitalized.  e.g. O'Reilly

     3)  Double Barrell names with a - (dash) in them  e.g. Jones-Smyth, Jordan-McNamara

     Is there a way to account for these instances?