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    Proper design Help



      Proper design Help


      Hello, I am needing to track some data and would like someones opinion on the best way to proceed.  I have enclosed a screen shot of what I have have in my relationship.  I am needing to track environmental reports, there will be one report per week for each piece of equipment with additional reports throughtout the year.  What would be the best way to capture this information.  Any thought on thhis is appreciated.  I will need to run reports off of  whatever I come up with.  Thanks


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          What does a report for each piece of equipment mean?  In other words what is the equipment doing? 

          Try to articulate what the report would be in words.  For example: "Each report shows one piece of equipment and this piece of equipment was assigned 3 jobs this month and performed the following tasks". 

          What part of the relationships affect this report, Equipment to Contracts, etc.?  Equipment seems to connect to everything.  The same layout could most likely be used for monthly or annual reports.

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            Thanks for the reply

            A report would show weekly reports received for a given week.  Each piece of equipment would have 52 weelky reports and a couple of annual reports.

            It will be geared off of Equipment and this is an equipment database.

            I have not made trhe table or tables for this yet as I am looking for the best approach.  The table would be called Environmental

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              Sorry but that doesn't help me much, which is my lack of understanding.  I still don't know what you want to report on.

              If, for example, you had a piece of equipment, and it went to jobs, and there was p/m done to the equipment, and repairs, would you want a report that shows every job, a summary of jobs, every p/m, a summary of p/m's, every repair, a summary of repairs, etc. 

              It's hard to tell how to structure a report without knowing how & where the data comes from, and how you want it displayed.  Once that is figured out, the rest falls into place much easier.

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                Each week a report has to be submitted to the office recording data about that piece of equipment for the week.  I will be running a report that only shows report received for each week.  So at the end of the year, each piece of equipment should have 52 weekly reports with date received.  The report part I can figure out, but I would like your opinion on how to record the data,


                Would a portal be the best solution (which I am thinking it would)  if so, would I have to add 2 tables, environmental and reports received.


                Hope that helps.  Thanks