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proper scripting for an   IF / Case / IsEmpty  ????  help

Question asked by CStovin on Mar 26, 2013
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proper scripting for an   IF / Case / IsEmpty  ????  help


     I have a Text field called,  "all_returned"  which is a drop down value list  with only "YES" as an option.  It also has the auto enter calculation option checked with the scripting :

     "YES" ;If (    IsEmpty   ( LINES::return_date ); Get ( CurrentDate )  )          <----- although this doesnt work


     What I want is   If  "YES"  gets entered into this field    "all_returned"   it will  Get Current Date and place that into another field called "individual_items_returned_date" , which is in a Line Item Portal ;   

ONLY     if

     the "individual_items_returned_date"   field is empty, otherwise leave existing data.


     The    "individual_items_returned_date"     field is a pop up calendar date field that can be individually entered as items become returned.        The "all_returned" field allows a global date to be populated into "individual_items_returned_date"  for many items at once, while still allowing that field to operate independently.

     Can someone help me with either the script or calculation needed for this ?

     I am still learning how to write basic calculations and I seem to keep getting errors saying too many or not enough parameters are needed, and or an operator is required..... etc.  As well as not sure which function to use...